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The History of the "Quarterback Sack"

Prior to1961 when a tackle of an NFL Quarterback occurred behind the line of scrimmage it was commonly called, “dumping the quarterback.” After the arrival of Deacon Jones, an unexpected phenomenon at Defensive End taken with the 186th pick in the 14th round by the Los Angeles Rams in ’61 everything would change.   Deacon coined the term, “sacking the quarterback” and his perfection and frequency of its execution led all of us to now unequivocally call it a “quarterback sack.”


Deacon Jones Redefines "The Sack"

Deacon Jones retired from the NFL after 14 seasons in 1974 having sacked NFL quarterbacks with what should have been a record-setting 173.5 times. But NFL records show Jones as officially having zero sacks.


The Post-1982 "Sack" Era

• The NFL would not officially recognize the “sack” as an 

official NFL statistic until the 1982 season.

In 2006, Deacon Jones and the Deacon Jones Foundation organized the first annual Sack Awards event, honoring the “official” NFL record holder Bruce Smith (200 sacks), and presided over the annual affair until his passing in 2013.  

As of the close the 2018 NFL season, 54 individuals (see full list) have amassed a career quarterback sack total north of one hundred sacks.  Sack Masters, Inc. seeks to honor and acknowledge footballs most elite pass rushers sharing their feats and knowledge so all future generations will clearly understand why, "defense wins championships!"

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The Official One Hundred Sack Club Roster: (Click Photo)

Deacon Jones — #3 All-Time


“Sacking a quarterback is just like you devastate a city or you cream a  multitude of people. I mean it’s just like you put all the offensive  players in one bag and I just take a baseball bat and beat on the bag."

Reggie White — #2 All-Time


"The thing that I know, and everyone else knows, is  that no one can ever take my accomplishments away. My goal as a football  player was to be the best to ever play my position. I believe I’ve  reached my goal.” 

Cedrick Hardman — T-#29 All-Time


"Most sacks are gotten on the snap count, on the get-off.  That's the one thing the rule makers can't take away from you.  My main weapon was speed.  If I could get off the ball - I mean, really get off the ball - there would be no contact until I reached the quarterback."

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